.: reserves database

Released annually since 1997, the Oil and Gas Reserves Database is now used by more than 30 oil and gas companies, government agencies, independent consultants and consulting firms. It is currently and MS-Access database that provides a simple to use front-end to public reserves data published annually by the goverments of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan (2003) and Manitoba (1999). The program allows for multiple queries to be combined on a single search with results displayed in Excel, Word or printable report format with both metric and imperial units. More information can be found on the website


.: land titles module

This program was released several years back when the Government of Alberta first introduced SPIN II, and started delivering their land titles in PDF format only. The program is used heavily by land companies, environmental companies and oil and gas land departments that have to manage and contact landowners for well site development and pipeline construction projects. In one click it processes bulk titles in PDF format, extracting landowner and title data into spreadsheet format. It now works with Saskatchewan and Crown Land titles as well as Alberta. Contact us for more information or view online

.: landman database

This program is currently a work in progress being used by a couple of Alberta land companies to manage land projects. We are looking at moving this over to a completely web-based platform in the near future. More information can also be found on the Alberta Landman website

.: other projects

Other customized programs and databases built for private clients include automated data transfer from the web, job tracking and management databases, inventory management and specialized marketing analysis tools tied to Google Earth.